A great quote we often hear is, ‘The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.”  In fact the only thing you should fear is a lack of preparation and being caught by surprise.  This applies to life in general and to divorce specifically – something most people are not familiar with and may be faced with.

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There was once a king looking to know what was the best thing to do at any point in time and where he should do it.  He thought if he could only know this, he would be successful at anything he undertook. Continue Reading »

When did you last ask yourself “What I believe about me?” and then answered it honestly?

It’s an interesting question because it doesn’t ask, “Why I believe,” just “What I believe.”  This question tends to produce short, quick answers such as: I’m fair, honest, compassionate; or even negative thoughts like dishonest, hard to please, angry, etc.  In any case, these are generally simple descriptions about our ‘perceived’ individual qualities. Continue Reading »

Movies are a wonderful distraction from life.  When I go to the theater for a good movie I get lost in the story.   I  find myself screaming in my head trying to stop a character from taking a wrong step or turning a wrong corner.  And all this is used as a short little escape from reality – or is it?

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Oak Tree Mediation is here to help you make the best financial choices for you now, and for your future.  We have been helping people see possibilities since 1985.

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Long trips are a problem for me. Too often I plan to start by a certain time with fixed stops along the way. I know exactly where I am going and my exact arrival time. It is perfectly laid out and the anticipation of the journey raises great expectations for a wonderful and wonder-filled outing. Continue Reading »

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